Difference Between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Difference Between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

When a person is in pain, he tries to find the most suitable method of treatment for his problem. However in several situations, it becomes difficult determine the type of treatment which can be most beneficial. Thus it is very important to understand the difference in the scope and benefits of osteopathy and physiotherapy. Both the osteopaths and the physiotherapists are experts who work to boost a patient’s mobility and ease the pain, but there are various key differences between the two.

Who is an osteopath?

An osteopath takes a holistic approach which examines the overall posture of the patient and lifestyle to find out the root cause of the patient’s illness. It focuses on stretching and manipulation of the bones to bring back their alignment. Although the process is not painful, you may find that your body has become sore since they move your body in various ways in which you are not used to.

Understanding physiotherapy

On the other hand, a physiotherapy session is mainly conducted as a part of the recovery process. Unlike osteopathy, it is not holistic in approach and focuses, mainly on specific areas of the body that might have suffered any injury or illness, in order to boost your strength and mobility. Most commonly people visit a physiotherapists for treatment of sports injuries or any other musculoskeletal injuries.

In conclusion, it may be mentioned that although both of the methods of treatment are similar in various aspects, there are few key differences. Osteopathy is preventive mode of treatment, whereas physiotherapy is all about recovery and rehabilitation. Osteopathy focuses on manipulation of the body to bring back the alignment whereas physiotherapy is much more focused on exercise and active which leads to increase in the strength and motion of the body. The biggest difference lies in the approach, where osteopathy is takes a holistic approach and physiotherapy zeroes in more on targeted areas.

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